Write Genre for Windows is now on the Microsoft Store

March 06, 2019

As promised you can now get the Windows desktop version of Genre here on the Microsoft Store.

Here is the description we put on the store:

You are writing that awesome novel. You set goals but you forget to track them. You make notes about characters, places, chapters. But they are all over the place, you constantly switch windows, searching for the right note. Your flow is gone. Genre can fix this.

Genre lets you set concrete writing goals and track them. Daily writing is key. Genre shows you how many consecutive days you wrote, how many days you made your goals. Keeping up your streaks will motivate you to come back daily and finish your story.

No more separate notes or outlines. Card based sidebars keep all your notes. Characters get their own. And the best part: Just write a character’s name in your story and it will be highlighted. Mouse-over a name to instantly see your note. Same goes for notes about places, things, you name it. Awesome, no?

Outline your novel like a boss by linking notes with individual chapters. Those notes will appear in the top while writing. Always just a second away for easy reference.

No more lost flow.

More features:

  • Automatic saving - Genre saves your work periodically while you are writing.
  • Automatic backups - Genre creates a backup of your story every day.
  • Export - Export your story and notes anytime, html format makes sure formatting stays intact.


Where are my files? Are they safe?

Everything is saved locally under “Documents/Write Genre”. Backup this folder externally from time to time to make sure your data is safe.

Can Genre do fancy feature XZY?

Probably not. Genre is made specifically to help you write. Once your novel is finished, we encourage you to export the text and do the final formatting/editing in a different application that is suited for that task.