March 04, 2019

You are probably familiar with NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month, where each year in November people all over the globe set out to write a whole novel in one month. While there are many good things about it, especially the setting of goals and the tracking of your progress — and the fact that it encourages people to start writing at all, there is one big downside: It is limited to November.

The best time to start something is always now

I’m writing this post in March. November is a long time away. Be honest with yourself: Do you really need an external event to start writing?

I propose that you forget about NaNoWriMo and think bigger. Bigger how? NaNoWriLi, the National Novel Writing Life.

NaNoWroLi — the National Novel Writing Life

Why wait till November when you can start now? If you are serious about writing a novel, start now. Set daily writing goals and an overall word count goal. (Write Genre can help you with that.)

If you want to, you can share your results with other people but you don’t have to. My advice is to set a daily goal you can actually reach regularly.

To finish your novel you need to make writing a daily habit. The satisfaction you will get from hitting your daily goal can be a powerful psychological help to reinforce that habit. So start your writing life and start it now.

The only way to finish that novel is to write. Every day, one word at a time.